Aircon Gas Top Up 

Aircon Gas Top Up

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Why is it Best to check Aircon and Top up Gas?

Gas leaks originate from the aircon and directly affect the efficiency of the installation. In addition to not being cold enough in your room, the compressor does not receive the cooling effect of the gas, which ultimately leads to overheating and failure. The aircon’s evaporator coils receive cold gas from the refrigerant; however, if it’s not correctly cold, the evaporator stops working. Leaking refrigerant from your air conditioner can harm the environment if it enters the water system. It is significant to get a licensed air conditioning service company to assist you in checking the gas level in your air conditioner. We support many aircon brands, including Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi.

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Gas Refilling Process

Only a professional technician can add gas to the Aircon system safely and efficiently. They use a pressure gauge to check the refrigerant level inside your air conditioner. It will let you know the level of gas and need to be filled into the storage. The refrigerant tank will be used to charge the aircon with gas so that the gas level returns to normal. This will be checked again with a gas pressure gauge to make sure there is enough refrigerant in your air conditioner. Your aircon system technician will use only the correct type of gas to replenish your refrigerant storage. In addition, the aircon professional will also assist that the refrigerant gas top up and also is repaired if damaged so that it no longer leaks. The remaining defective components must be checked to ensure the safety of the device.

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